Book Review: Queen Isabella by Alison Weir

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Book Review: Queen Isabella  by Alison Weir Empty Book Review: Queen Isabella by Alison Weir

Post  joancoggeshall on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:18 am

First, I loved the book, it was well written caught your attention and I just wanted to keep reading until I finished it. At 1;30Am this morning.....

The amount of information she gathered is huge, she puts in lots of dates which tells me she could account for Isabella comings and goings. The only time is a vague is toward the end, after Mortimer is executed and Edwards III takes over. Her bibliography is 10 pages long. I am amazed that kind of information that so far back still exists today. She puts a lot of dates in the book so you can follow along year to year. The format she used was day/month so occasionally I would forget what year it was.

She put in the various theories on Edward II death and I found it interesting.
1st: was that he was murdered and probably Mortimer ordered it. He really didn't want Isabella to have to go to her husband which was the thing to do at the time. She was his power and he didn't want to lose that so Edward II had to go.
2nd: he escaped and the body they found was the jailer and that Edward survived for many years after, in fact his son Edward III knew about it.
Personally I find either is a possibility and I guess we shall never know

She refers to various Chroniclers, two being Baker and Froissart. She uses these 2 the most and pokes holes in their accounts, mostly Baker. She has lots of information from various sources so she can give a more accurate opinion on what actually happened. They only had limited sources and had to depend on others to give them the information correctly. Though I think at times they might have stretched the truth to fill in the holes.

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