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Post  Kathryn Ramsey on Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:27 pm

I am a widow after 15 years marraige, left quite comfortable with an income to keep me living how I am accustomed. I have 3 children, a son of 14 years of age, who serves as ensign to Master Roderic Hawkyns, a daughter of 12 who has entered a convent for her studies, and a young son of 9 who still resides with me as a comfort. I reside in Craven DIstrict of York, as such I do not get to london all that often.

I live in a comfortable home with five hundred acres of land where my main income comes from sheep, there are more than five thousand head that are cared for, sheared and bred. Running a working farm is hard work, but there are many that are employed that make it much easier. Every year after the harvest I will hold a fete' as a day of thanks for all those who live and work here.

My dear husband was killed in the battle of Hedgely Moor on the 25th of April 1464 where he served under Lord Montagu. It has been a very difficult year and I do miss my dear husband, though I do know that it will be expected of me to take another husband but for now I keep my farm and home safe from all.
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