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Post  joancoggeshall on Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:53 pm

Joan of Coggeshall

Born: July 7, 1358
Father: James of Coggeshall (d)
Mother: Anne Marling(d)
Siblings: Alexandra (younger sister),
Spouse: Walter Horman (d)
Children: Constance

Born in Essex, England in the village of Coggeshall. Her father was a textile merchant and was very well liked and respected in the village. Her mother taught her the fine art of needle work. When she was not helping her mother in the home she would always be found working hard on her needlework.

When she was of marriageble age Joan married the son of a local merchant. Within a year her sister married a frenchman, who was in England on business. Her sister is now living in somewhere in France.

After she was married, her husband took her to London, as this is where his business was. She was very unhappy in her marriage, as her husband was very strict with her and his money. Gone where the days when presents would be brought for her, she instead would earn money working as a seamstress.

Shortly after the birth of her daughter Constance, her father became gravely ill so her husband permitted her to return home. Not long after her arrival her father died. She remained in England to care for her mother who she was so distraught over his death. Within a year her mother had died, never recovering from her husbands death.

Her husband would travel back and forth from Coggeshall to London for various business dealings. It was during one of these trips that he was killed one night.

She receives advice from her uncle, who has business both in England and France.
Since communication between France and England could be difficult, and she didn't exactly know where in France her sister was, she had a difficult time in contacting her about their parents death. Since it would be easier to search if she where also in France, she makes the decision to take her daughter and go to France. She stays in her Aunt and Uncle's home in France and with her Uncle's help searches for her sister.

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